Monday, August 27, 2007

August Full Moon... A Shelley Flow Blue Day

A Magical Enchantment

Sunrise breathed a mild heat through the Willowland morning blowing in with it Princess Corey in her Midnight Geape. It was time to make our way to the Etchiver Keep, home of Stella Shelley, the friend of her childhood, she with whom was shared all secrets great and small as they grew from girlhood to womanhood.

The Keep is modest on the outside, guarded by her fierce and loyal guardian/mate, Eric. Within the Keep, the glow of translucent Flow Blue dominates and at the center of the glow sat the indomitable Stella Shelley. We had arrived just in time to join in her current mission of the season, the redecorating of her Greeting room.
Blue eyes a match for her Flow Blue collection, Stella Shelley had a vision – white furniture becoming dark, chairs moved left to right. As we stepped through the door, the command to get involved in the activities was issued. Without hesitation we joined her two daughters, the Healermaid, Brit, and the delicate unicorn rider, Garrett. But, of course, being women and I the unknown addition to the mix, it was no time at all before work stopped and conversation began.

Princess Corey had promised me that very soon after meeting Stella Shelley, I would completely forget her ALS and the sheer force of Shelley's personality proved this to be true. Every morning Guardian Eric would bathe her, dress her, feed her, and settle her into her chair. Garrett and Brit applied her make-up and brushed her hair. She was ready for her day.

On first meeting Stella Shelley, I saw only a soft cap of pale yellow hair, Flow Blue eyes, and Flamingo pink fingernails. But by afternoon's end, her stillness went unnoticed as the energy of her one moving finger, the toss of her head, the shifting direction of her eyes, and the force of her voice took over.

Stella Shelley is a stylish and upbeat woman. She is:

Sharp-eyed and detailed

Her creative vision is
Intelligent and

For her, dreams are to be made a reality. Her illness may be central to her life but it is pushed to the sidelines.

Will NOT


. . .ask myself – what sort of choices would I make for the sake of love?

Medical care is unaffordable. What terrible choice would I make? Sell my business or divorce my spouse?

Life is filled with challenges but feels normal, in fact, almost ordinary. Would I accept the loss of a job rather than use my life as proof that I can deal with difficult situations?

Or, would I recognize that TIME is worth any amount of money. Athletic scholarships are only A way, not THE way. Would I recognize that claiming time was the more valued road?

We can't know how we would answer such questions without the experience of being tested by life's fires. We can only guess based on the strength of our own self-knowledge.

I left her that day knowing a little more about myself, thankfully realizing that I did know the difference between pity and sympathy. But most importantly I learned there is nothing that can keep us from living a full and complete life. Life has no limits as long as we love.

Love attracts Love
Our bodies may betray us
But our hearts will grow larger.

For more views of our August visits with Shelley and for additional links, please visit Lea on this August Harvest Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse!!!!


Ulla said...

Turly lovely and fitting tribute for a woman with such enthusiasm for life! You bring tears to my eyes. Hugs to you and Shelley!

annie said...

oh annie...your words are perfect. so, so, beautiful. we are all forever blessed by this meeting.

PEA said...

"Life has no limits as long as we love"...those words brought goosebumps, they are so beautiful!! I so enjoyed reading this post, truly magical!! xox

Lea said...

and the journey continues... and the land of Willows and chance meetings at the crossroads will forever be woven into our travel cloaks... Shelley is a star on our path... a guiding light that touches our hearts and souls... Thank you for this beautiful story AnnieElf...

nicol sayre said...

How blessed we are to have had the opportunity to meet Shelley and her wonderful family. This is a beautiful post!

Mo'a said...

...Love attract Love...beautiful.
Shelley is blessed to have a loving family and friends like you.

Tammy said...

She sounds amazing, inspiring and surrounded by love. Lovely post!

Anonymous said...

Great post, you really do know what life's all about, thanks for reminding me.

shelley said...

annie i love your ongoing story. i was very happy to have met you ...thanks for sharing your day with corey and i ,i had a wonderful time .....we have made a book already it turned out great thanks for sharing yours.

Elizabeth Ann said...

Dear AnnieElf, thank you for sharing the beautiful story of Shelley and her love of life. I struggle with MS and it felt very good to hear your words, "...our bodies may betray us, but our hearts will grow larger."
Peace and joy be with you, and Shelley, and Corey. And to all those who visit the virtual Willowland.

paris parfait said...

What a lovely story about the beautiful Shelley, her strength, bright spirit and big heart. Thank you. xo

eb said...

thank you for sharing a most beautiful story...
and so beautifully told...

xox - eb.

Lisa Oceandreamer S. said...

This was such a beautiful tribute to a woman we all should meet. She obviously could teach us all about love and strength of inner spirit.
Well done dear Annie.

tongue in cheek said...

This is the power of love. You have captured the courage and beauty of Shelley and her family word for word. Thank you for your friendship and for honoring my dar friend. Blessings to youxoxox

Mary Timme said...

Lovely and magical and true.

nonizamboni said...

I was very touched by this post, and your wise, kind and thoughtful messages. Thanks for the reminder about love--a concept I still grapple with at times--and our ever growing hearts. You are a dear soul.
Mary Ann

lila said...

Thank-you for a lovely moving written report of time spent with two dear people!
A good friend of my daughter, a new mom, has been diagnosed with ALS.She can no longer pick up her darlinhg baby.... I pray that she will find friends and inner strength to live and enjoy her world!