Thursday, August 30, 2007

Poetry Thursday - Tug of War

In this, my last contribution to Poetry Thursday, I want to say good-bye to the great people who contributed so much to the poetry road I now walk down. I started a poetry class two weeks ago and I already feel myself growing in directions that I never would have imagined trying. Tug of War is one of those directions. I never would have imagined that I would write in sonnet form nor pay attention to formal meter and yet with the completion of this first sonnet, I know I will do many more in this form. So while we say good-bye to Poetry Thursday, I know that we all look forward to discovering what will be taking its place.

Tug of War

Life pulling hard, pulls, reaching, straining,
As daily life wears and erodes my soul.
Life not steady, must be ever changing,
Yet a steady life is my major goal.
Work intrudes, interrupts the daily grind,
Thoughts of waiting future my daily breath.
Evenings weep, bittersweet slices of rind,
Eight to five void, a recurring small death.
Passions igniting, life filled with hope.
Gardens explode with energy, burst with dreams.
The span between, fragile, a bridge of rope,
Daily life hinting at more than it seems.
Life, many moments tried, judged and chanced,
Life inhabited now, richly enhanced.


Tammy said...

Bravo Annie! A sonnet as lovely as thee. :)

nonizamboni said...

I like this very much especially
Eight to five void, a recurring small death.
& Daily life hinting at more than it seems.

You seem to be headed down a very self-defining road. You are a poet indeed.
Mary Ann

Julie Marie said...


That is wonderful! When I took a poetry class in college, it was all about free form. But structure can be good, can't it?

Several of my blogging friends are mourning the loss of Poetry Thursday. Can't someone else coordinate it?


Naturegirl said...

Beautiful! I identify with a few of the lines! You are talented! Write on!hugs NG

tash said...

Beautiful poem - I'd love to take a poetry class, it sounds fantastic.

Rose Dewy Knickers said...

There will be a new site on Sept. 4th. If you check the PT site today, they have some details.

This is a wonderful poem that speaks to me. Your class seems to have sent you off in another direction.



judie said...

Wonderful poem Annie. I wish there was a class here I could take. There is only the college where one has to enroll. The "lifelong learning" classes don't offer anything decent. Keep writing!

Lea said...

oh your words AnnieElf...

stir deeply,
paint a picture
of such fullness,
of life
really being lived,
in the greatest
breadth of
living with soul
and with heart...

Mary Timme said...

Once a poet, always a poet I think, so although Poetry Thursday may go away, I look forward to what comes next. . .

miss*R said...

AnnieElf! love your final words..

something is always around the corner when one door closes.

paris parfait said...

Lovely poem, speaking of life ripe with possibility. xo

Crafty Green Poet said...

Thoughtful words. It's always good to try out formal verse.

annie lockhart said...

beautifully said, & written.