Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Breaking Window

Outward from my bedroom window the
drying field shriveled before my eyes
in the noonday heat.

Lofty tuffs of grass wave golden brown.
Sunflowers reach for the mid-day sun.
Small creatures shelter in burrows.

I gaze at my bed,
the burrow I created for myself, a small
creature huddled and hidden from the
coldness of a broken heart.

Called again to the view outside my window
tall, shadowy figure winds up, pitches and falls forward -
arms windmilling helplessly for balance.

Shadowy figures converge on the fallen one.
A burrow hole.
A broken ankle.
A pitch gone wild.

My window shatters, the glass
a rainstorm in my lap.


Mary Timme said...

Oh, Oh! Boy, was I thrown for a loop by the last sentence.

tumblewords said...

coldness of a broken heart AND the glass/a rainstorm in my lap

Beautiful - Nice work, all around!

Gemma said...

I stopped by from Robyns....Your description of Wattle cracked me up. I love poetry too. Annie,where is Poetry Thursday going?

Crafty Green Poet said...

This is very atmospheric and I love the ending.

Julie Marie said...

You are a good poet, Annie! I love the imagery. Please continue to share more poems.


Lea said...

Beautiful, poignant images AnnieElf... thank you!

Britt-Arnhild said...

Did you write this poem yourself?
I like it.

nonizamboni said...

Loved this poem, especially the tension building up to the broken ankle. Nice image too of the 'glass a rainstorm in my lap.' I concur with Julie, you are a poet indeed.

Mike Mc said...

Tiel Aisha Ansari and I, Mike McCulley, have created a 'poetry exchange' blog at Totally Optional Prompts , and you are invited to participate.

Jingle said...

elegant piece!

Kavita said...

Ooohh..this was pure drama! And me loves!!!
Loved the gradual build up, and the end totally blew my mind!!

Thank you so much for sharing this cool and suspenseful poem with poetry potluck... it is our pleasure to have you here!

mairmusic said...

Great write-- welcome to the Rally!

Olivia said...

A beautiful composition Annie and indeed Dreams are only a starting point..

Here's mine:

All the Best

Olivia said...
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