Sunday, September 16, 2007

Writer's Island theme this week - The Gift


Unprepared girl without armour
hugs roses and a note like a shield
sits cradled in the corner of a lonely sofa

on an empty stage.

Tears wet the victory of an unknown battle
waged over three nights of applause.
High expectations dashed.
Low expectations fulfilled.

Sad girl! Didn't you know you were always a winner?

Hot lipstick hate messages slashed on dressing room mirrors
can't change that.

Words of greeting from an absent father drying her tears
from a backstage far away.

Four brief word, "Knock 'em dead, baby".


Naturegirl said...

This was lovely I could feel her emotion! Great writing!You've got the gift!hugs NG

tash said...

Wow, that's beautiful. You're a very accomplished poet!

Mary Timme said...

Knocked me on mine. I can tell you that. You give poignant a new dimension, Anne.

Julie Marie said...


Mary Timme said it first, but here I am too. This poem knocks me dead. In other words, it bowled me over.


Clare said...

Hi Annieelf! Your poem blew me away. I love it, and the ending made me cry -- you did a brilliant job.

Lea said...

Where you take us with your words... so many feelings and emotions to the stories and emotions you bring life and tribute to... beautiful, haunting, poignant, and so much more... Thank you AnnieElf...