Monday, October 08, 2007

Truer words . . .

. . . were never spoken.

I had no idea when I posted the bird out on a limb that it would be a foreshadow of something that will be consuming my life for a while. I will be posting about it shortly as well as our beautiful visit with Lea and Milt and the fun of the Calabash Festival. But I'm at work now and have a lot to think about regarding George, friendship, sacrifice, and compassion; not to mention the approaching one year anniversary of the passing of my mother. October is such a beautiful month. After the last few days though, I'm discovering that I will approach next October with a certain degree of dread since trouble always seems to come in threes. In the meantime, here are a few lovely pictures of Santa Rosa, the festival, and a friend.

Beautiful sunshine

Charming Cottages

Nature's Bounty.

Beautiful Lea with friend, Hesperia
A Helping Hand
A Helping Heart
Living brightly in the world
but also in a world apart.

Please remember George.
Every thought is a prayer


Lea said...

That smile on my face... is for you always... our worlds touching, overlapping, all of you are in my thoughts and prayers and in my heart. This weekend was all the more special because of you and your dear husband. XO

Julie Marie said...


I know what you mean about dreading the approach of a certain time of year. My daughter was hit by a car one Memorial Day. My husband had a heart attack one Memorial Day. My sister's boyfriend at the time shot himself in the hand with an arrow one Memorial Day. For years afterward I wondered, "What's going to happen this Memorial Day?


Mary Timme said...

I'm remembering George and family and remembering you also in my prayers. My best peace comes from knowing Who's I am.

LMS(oceandreamer) said...

Thinking of you dear Annie, this is a hard time for many reasons...I can appreciate the anniversary coming for sure. I am sending you strength to deal with whatever comes your way and keeping George in my thoughts as well.
How wonderful you were able to attend the festival, especially getting to meet the amazing and talented Lea!!(and see her fantastic work up close). I hope to meet her too one day!
Love and hugs,

tongue in cheek said...

Hello Dolls!
I am glad you met!
How fun next summer is going to be!!!

Elaine said...

Annie, I always enjoy reading your blog....Looking forward to crochet night....see you soon ;-)

Kahshe Cottager said...

Autumn - the season of harvest. I wish you a harvest of peace this year Annie.

Pinkie Denise said...

Annie, I was so surprised to see you on Leas blog. I thought that Lady looks so familiar. Lea is such a special person, I feel as though I have known her a lifetime, she is so warm and just lets you in, I love her. I bet you had a great time together how could you of not. I will
say a prayer for your friend. I am
a firm believer in its power. Miss you too Annie Pinkie Denise