Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Writers Island - Renewal

Magnolia pod

The following poems are the first in a series of reflections on the hard turns we encounter in life.

Someone wants him back,
Won’t give up without a fight.
Love abounds, gives support,
Mary hugs comfort,
No time to weep.

Wedding joy.
Plans for life.
Denial. Will not be ignored.
Mary hugs comfort
Every thought is a prayer.

Darkness gathers.
Vision fights through.
Door to life swings open.
Mary hugs comfort.
No time to weep.

Isolating distance,
Tears won’t build a bridge.
Rivers flow this instance.
Mary hugs comfort,
Every thought is a prayer.

Remembered pain from long year past.
The climb to light paved with broken glass.
Hole in my heart yawns wide and deep,
Mary hugs comfort,
No time to weep.


Compassion beats at our door
Demanding entry, forcing its way in.
Winter approaches,
Fall migration drums,
Backs are turning for our returning.

Four hearts at table, voices sparkling;
Brubeck tunes play, harbinger of sorrow.
Warm hand clasps
Binding two hearts forever.

Familiar hole returns
An emptiness that feels so full.
Crowded emotions.
Mental commotions.
Hiding. Seeking. Exerting their pull.

Remember George in prayer


vicci said...

always....such beautiful poetry you write! :-)

Mary Timme said...

Yikes, that is emotional! But true. I wish I could get the pathos in what I write as you do. Oh Rats! There I go turning green!

Rose Dewy Knickers said...

You are so right. Sometimes all the tears and the hugs don't change what happened.



Lea said...

"warm hand clasps binding two hearts forever." I love you Annie. Thank you for sharing your journey, your words, and bringing us the gift of renewal in its many forms... remember... I will be thinking of you always, while I am away...

paisley said...

The climb to light paved with broken glass.

i wish i had written this line myself... it is sooo great.....

Rae Trigg said...

I could hear the rhythm of the words in your poem - almost like a song. Very well done.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Time heals all wounds.

tumblewords said...

A great concept - life by poetry and you do the poetry so very, very well. So enjoyed the read!

qualcosa di bello said...

every thought is a prayer...pray without ceasing.

just beautiful...

praying for george everyday.

tongue in cheek said...

"...an emptiness that feels so full."

Oh annie