Thursday, November 22, 2007

Writer's Island - The Dream

I have yearned for most of my life to live by the ocean. I lived in San Diego in my teens so have wonderful memories of the beach. Of course, this was over 40 years ago and much has changed in San Diego and it definitely would not be the place to which I would return to live. However, the dream of a home near water hasn't changed.

This week's prompt at Writers' Island is The Dream. This prompt fit quite neatly into a beautiful series of aboriginal words recently posted at Annie's "Bimbimbie" blog. Annie is in Australia. Please click
here and here for some background.

As I looked over the words (second click), admiring their magical and lyrical sound and images, it came to me that all the words worked together to create a perfect poem of my dream place. I share it with you here and wish you all many blessings on this Thanksgiving Day.

Weeona emoh ruo
Mirri-Mirri illalangi
Karribi givinganna
Oodlawirri, Wambiri
Aroona and Bultaroo
[Brother & Sister]
[Peace in]
Weeona emoh ruo.

The shelter
High up home on hill
Headland lookout
Hill and tree country, seacoast
Running Water and North Wind
Brother & Sister
Home by the sea
Peace in
The shelter.


And for one of the nicest and most heart-felt Thanksgiving Day thanks I've ever read, please click here and say hello to my dear friend, Biene.
Remembering George and so thankful that he has this day with his family.


trailbee said...

Well, between us we have covered the universe. Have a fun day, Anne. b.

Thinking aloud said...

hey that's beautifully done..hope you find the peace in the shelter always...

heres' wishing your dreams come true and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Naturegirl said...

Beautiful Annie! Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving Day! hugs aNNa

Pinkie Denise said...

Thanks for sharing your poem, hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day,
I too love the Ocean, I love to spend my summers near it. Pinkie Denise

paris parfait said...

Lovely poem, Annie. A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. xo

pepektheassassin said...

Thanks for this! Love the dream!

Bimbimbie said...

Hi Annie ... who would have thought a few house names from an old magazine would lead to this gorgeous composition. May you have lots more inspiring dreams within your shelter.
Smiles *!*

turquoise cro said...

aaaaAAhhHHHH! Yes, by the sea! Maybe one day for me too I HOPE! HOPE YOU all had a HAPPY Blessed Thanksgiving!!!

Lea said...

such waves of desire to be near ocean and that place of what the sea means... a shelter, home by the sea... blessings to you this day of thanks and for your wishes...

Fenny said...

Nothing better than the soothing sounds of the sea and a firm breeze to clear the mind ... lovely little poem ... hope someday you'll have your shelter by the sea