Saturday, April 21, 2012

After breaking from here for several days, I'm resurfacing.  I'll write more about the break later, but for now, I'm sharing a couple of recent activities. Next up will be our visit to the Civil War Re-enactment in Mariposa, CA.  I'll probably get that up tomorrow since I have lots of photos to study and select from.

I was in Sacramento last weekend and had never been inside the capital building.  I've been on the capital park grounds many times but never the capital building itself.  After going through a thorough but simple security check (no body x-rays!!), I went in (looking for the restroom).  Since that was my objective, I didn't think until after I was in there that I was also perhaps on the cusp of a photo-op.

How beautiful the building was.  The outside grounds were blooming with early spring blossoms and I found a Sisters of Mercy statue (a tribute to the involvement of those holy women in the early days of the state). Within, it was all polished wood, ornate dome art, a centerpiece statue of  Columbus’ Last Appeal to Queen Isabella, and a tiled floor taking on the impression of a gigantic carpet with the California bear emblazoned on it.

Children in school groups ran through is an oddly quiet and orderly fashion.  The docent was full of information and more than ready to share what he knew.  Outside found me facing the Cathedral for the Diocese of Sacramento and a visual of one of the local park people and his little dog.

But, since I was on my way to somewhere else, I really couldn't stay for very long.  So, I determined to return another day to visit again more thoroughly and also visit California's Vietnam Veterans' Memorial (a place I've visited many times before). So, be warned friend Marie, Don and I will be kidnapping you very soon for an escape north.


Ginny said...

I'm glad you're back and you seem alright!! The video says it is private and it won't play.

Annie said...

Hi Ginny. Thanks for the heads-up on the non-public setting. It's fixed now.

rebecca said...

good morning annie...welcome home! i too have been away and am settling in and look forward to hearing of your travels.