Monday, April 23, 2012

Romance on the Rocks

From the earliest age, we have photographed our children on rocks and overlooks.  First Quanah, then Krista, then Quanah and Krista together.  The two of them developed into accomplished billy goats.

Saturday Krista and her boyfriend, Adrian, and Don and I, went to a Civil War re-enactment in Mariposa, CA.  More pics and story about that later.  As it happened, the landscape was rough and natural, a perfect setting for such an event.  When I pointed out the rocks to Krista, reminding her of the history of rocks in her life with her brother, Adrian jumped in and said, "Come on. Let's do it."  And so it was - the first pictures of Krista and Adrian climbing rocks together.  I call it - ROMANCE ON THE ROCKS.


trailbee said...

What a fabulous photo! Thanks.

Ginny said...

Very cool, and they are a beautiful couple!

Janet said...

What a neat tradition! They look so cute together.

Felisol said...

What a beautiful, happy couple.
Great family tradition, to climb a rock!
Don't avoid, but besiege.