Wednesday, November 07, 2012

For anyone who is deeply disappointed in the results of the presidential election, please read Isaiah, Chapter One. I had never read this book, let alone the first chapter. I was sitting at House of Java this morning studying my second chapter of readings for Pillars of Catholicism being offered by John Paul the Great University in San Diego, CA. Once I finished, I opened my Bible. I fanned through the pages asking for guidance to be led to just what I needed in that moment.
Here is what I found

Painting of The Prophet Isaiah by Raphael


Lea said...

Even though we are so polar-opposite on so many things Annie, we also have so many things in common. I always look for you... here, FB, and in the folds of my heart where you will always be. I always trust that you will be true to you, and that is something solid that means a lot to me. That and the love, friendship, and prayers that you always send my way. They and you are precious.

Annie said...

Dear Lea,

I am so grateful for your friendship. I have another on FB that I know I never need to hesitate around. In fact, on Wednesday he sent me a private note on FB acknowledging that I was no doubt very disappointed and disheartened. And, true. I was. He offered his emotional support and told me much that you said to me. I must count myself very lucky that I have friends who really see me. I have not been so lucky in the past with others.

While I believe too many voted either uninformed or too focused on personal issues without looking at the more serious issues that effect all of us, I acknowledge that many voted after weighing issues and simply took a different point of view. I've always taken a wider view of things, trying to balance points of view and then deciding based on the greater good. The source of my understanding of greater good is, of course, from my Catholic beliefs. The decisions and understandings I come to aren't always easy, they don't lead to quick fixes, but then I don't believe the greater good is supposed to be easy. When humans are challenged and achieve on their own, they value what they have much more than if it is just given to them.

People like my friend, John, and acts of constancy and kindness from you are what keep my bridge to others open. You and John are rarer than you might imagine.