Tuesday, November 06, 2012

To blog or not to blog

I'm not blogging much anymore.  I'm just not in the mood for it these days.  I touch base with old friends from time to time and that feels like it's enough. Funny how my dedication to blogging has changed in the last six years. In 2006 when I first started, it helped me keep my sanity because I was still working. Now? Not so much.

Isn't it amazing how social media has changed?  I remember when we didn't even have pagers.   Now, with blogging and Google+ and Pinterest and Facebook, there are lots of ways to stay in touch with friends. 

Today is quiet.  Kris is at work and then spending the evening with her boyfriend and his family.  Don is working at the polls and I don't expect to see him until late tonight.  So I'm at home wearing my "I Voted" sticker and catching up on blogging and perusing FB and all the last minute thoughts being posted.

Nature gave us a random sunflower this year.  Just as I'm seeing the wild sunflowers dying back and yards cleared of blooms past their peak, I am gifted with this little lovely.  Like a foal born out of season, this pretty little sunflower brought the charm of summer back to my fading garden.  Delaware tried to blend into the rock cover but a little editing and a pinch of fairy dust enhanced him just enough to pop out and compete with the sunflower for attention.

I changed my chrysanthemum location last year and it went crazy.  It's finally blooming again but is very leggy, almost spindley.  I think I'll enjoy these blossoms for a few days and then go out and cut it back in anticipation of a springtime recovery.


Took a break from writing this and now picking it up again.   Wish I had someone to share this day with but not going to happen.  I'm feeling very pathetic .  BooHoo.  Of course it's all about the election today.  Feeling so  on edge.  I'm watching FOX News and the commentating now as the polls close.  I've been paying attention on and off throughout the day and apparently there has been no drama to speak of.  Lots of lines though.  People are really engaged.  I like that.


Distracted myself with making my first picture to post on Pinterest.  I didn't know I could do that.  If you enjoy Pinterest, look for this little guy.

My mommy told me so.

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trailbee said...

I feel so badly that I was no help to you. I had asked Hal on Sunday if he would take me to Highland Lakes today, so that I would not be near the constant blabbing. Highland Lakes turned out to be so far, and expensive, that I changed it to Woodward Reservoir on 26 Mi. Road. We packed a picnic lunch and our books and spent a couple of hours there.
We had just returned and I was sitting in the car and reading the mail I'd picked up from the P.O. when you called.
I was no help to you because I was so very anxious, just like you. All I can focus on is the issue of the altered voter machines and the energy and passion that has gone into the Romney/Ryan campaign.
I have prayed so hard. Every time I open my mouth God must be rolling his eyes, sighing and saying, "Not again, please, Biene, I'm busy right now."
Karl Rove and Dick Morris and Bernie Goldberg can predict all they want, if the machines have been tampered with, and people vote more than once, the predictions are null and void.
In your hour of need, I deserted you, for which I am truly sorry. I feel like Peter. Let's just keep God busy!