Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cork-a-doodle-do and part of my 365 Days of Art Project.

IMAG0492-1-2 by AnnieElf
IMAG0492-1-2, a photo by AnnieElf on Flickr.
I have so many corks, I don't think I can count high enough to count them all.  After years of gathering the corks of mainly other people's oenological passion, I'm finally getting around to making some cork art - thank you, Pinterest.

The little coaster is one of the tiles I have left from decoupaging napkins and making coasters a while back. And the birdie, well, that's a little Dollar Store find that blended in well. He insisted on being the center of attention and who am I to rain on his joy parade and say no?

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Ginny said...

It is just wonderful!! And very pretty! Will you hang it up or what? Will it be used as anything else or only for beautiful art?

Annie said...

I was going to use it as a trivet, Ginny, but the frame is plastic so I'll just hang this one. May actually attach some broken jewelry to it, too. I'll have to dig around. Then I'll hang it.

Janet said...

Your cork art is cool. I have a few corks but we don't have wine that often so not much chance of accumulating enough to do anything with. I did win a beautiful cork wall hanging a few years ago during OWOH.

sandy said...

love the coaster and the birdie. My sis has been bringing me birds whenever she visits. I love my growing collection.

Felisol - Elise Ljung said...

Never, ever heard about cork art before. I love your blog with all kinds of variations and ideas. That's how a whole human should be, spiritual, political, maternal, family loving, artistic, poetic with a heart for your neighbor included.
You're a great woman.

Cottage and Broome said...

A great project!!! I'm doing mail art for 365 days. I did it has year too. Have a great weekend, Laura