Sunday, January 13, 2013

Help Request For A Lost Dog - UPDATE

UPATE - Puppy's actual owners were found.
There is going to be a happy ending.

PayPal donation button has been removed.

Yesterday, my friend Tiffannie and her husband Jonathan rescued a stray puppy. They are going to look for the owners but puppy is basically skin and bones so they don’t hold much hope of finding them. So, as a first step to finding a home for the pup (locally) Tiffannie is taking her to the vet for an examination, shots, a determination of her age and estimated size and eventually having her spayed.

She is extremely loving. She has been introduced to 2 cats and 3 dogs and has not shown any signs of aggression even though they have. Tiffannie is pretty sure she is Boxer/Pit mix. She uses her paws a lot (like a Boxer) and her teeth, nose and head look like a Boxer.

She seems trained. Will sit, shake, and lay on command. She responds to “No”. She howled this morning but hasn’t heard a peep since then.

So why am I doing this, you may ask. Well, recently I tried (but unsuccessfully) to rescue a lost dog. I followed up a couple of days later with the pound to find out if they were able to catch her but the story had a sad ending with the little dog being hit and killed by a car. It really broke my heart because the little dog was clearly very frightened.

 Because of this experience, I feel highly motivated to help Tiffannie with vet expenses. If you can donate even a very small amount to help Tiffannie and Jonathan, I would so appreciate it. The PayPal account button would be the easiest way to go and I can easily keep track to send you a thank you.

Thank you so much,


studio lolo said...

Oh my, I can see her bony points. It's clear she has been on her own for a while.

I wish I could help, Annie. Truly I do. Brian and I are now applying for temporary assistance as he hasn't found a job in 3 years. Things are tough here.

I'll keep this sweet dog in my thoughts. It could be she was just dropped off because her owners are either struggling, or ignorant.

perhaps your friend can foster her until the right forever family comes along seeing as she doesn't want to harm her pets.

All the best,


Felisol - Elise Ljung said...

God even minds the sparrows. Of course he cares about the dog as well. May you be blessed and may the puppy find a good home soon, very soon.
Bless you for caring.

Pam said...

Dear dog. They are so vulnerable. You and Tiffannie have hearts of gold. Hoping all goes well Annie.
Thanks for your recent comment - the bushfires are scarey and very much part of our summer season.
Those who have a soft heart for creatures often find much to be distressed about in bushfire outcomes, but there are good rescue stories also.

Diane AZ said...

It's sad to see a puppy so thin. Sounds like she's very sweet and will be a good pet. I wish her health and happiness. Nice of you and your friend to care and help the stray dogs.

Annmarie Pipa said...

good luck to your friend with her new pet!!

see you there! said...

Just reading this and so happy to hear there is a happy ending.


Felisol - Elise Ljung said...

I love happy endings. So happy that the owners were found. Hope they'll never let their sweetie out of sight again.