Friday, January 11, 2013

Looking over the edge of the world

I seem to have fallen off the edge of world this week and last.  There is nothing like having a newly engaged daughter to make a girl change her focus.  I will be back to visiting soon,  Right now the old gray matter is boomaranging like mad.  I have settled down a lot since the big event but now it seems like every time I see something, hear something, think of something - well - I just sort of go off on a mental tangent.  I'll be by soon to visit you.  I'm barely posting as it is. Time just seems to be flying.  Tell me, does it get better or will I be in a dream for the next year?


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

What will be will be!

Hope you enjoy the engagement along with your daughter!

Angelikas Photographic Sketchbook said...

Thanks for stopping by anyway. Maybe that's the link to the world that can keep you with us, just keep looking around you and wonder about what we are all doing. And share your mental tangents. I'd love to hear about them.

BrittArnhild said...

Take your time Annie.


Dawn Elliott said...

Isn't that just how life is these days??? I can so mind has been busy with birthday celebrations, the death of a friend, the after-surgery care of another friend, fixing up a rental property, and more! The engagement sounds like a wonderful way to be distracted!