Monday, April 22, 2013

Dedicated to the one I love

Surety absent
Confidence is not my friend
One hand catches me

One hand catches me
A steady dock post berthing
My unsteady heart

My unsteady heart
Clenches, folds around his hand
Safe harbor refuge


Jeanie said...

This poem reflect what my morning is, what it will be. I'm glad I have the safe harbor refuge hand of Rick to hold tight.

Ginny said...

LOVE THIS!!!! It says it all about your relationship.

Tash said...

I love to read posts like this about a relationship and how much comfort someone is brought by their significant-other. I think that anyone who has this long-term is very lucky indeed and I know that I couldn't do without Mr VP!

DHLOL said...

Woof woof!!! :)