Saturday, April 20, 2013

I Love Who We Are

This week has been hellish.  We have been attacked, terrified, maimed – body and spirit – killed.  We have been taken over by misfortune from Massachusetts to Texas and so many small unknown events in between.

Once again we have proven that we are resilient and one in our love of whom we are.  Our differences have fallen away.  We have helped each other, no questions asked, no criteria needed.  We were people in need.  It was the only door, flung wide open, to our humanity.

The media was careful and respectful.  Eagerness for the “story” quickly braked and common sense prevailed.   The blame game dissolved into the background.

Social media, so often a tool for harm, turned into a warrior’s sword for good.  Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, was a new battle cry.  Evil was brought low by all of us. 


Unification of effort. 

No egos.

People being happy watching others being happy became people with a weapon for truth.  The eye of a camera, of a video, one person’s personal vision joined with the personal  visions of others, showed the path to our attackers.

Yes, this week has been hellish but we became who we truly are during this hellish time. I'm feeling better today because we have all been reminded that we are the best.  We are a country of people united by one goal of being the best we can be not only for ourselves as individuals but as a people united by the common goal of saving other and thereby saving each other.


Jeanie said...

I don't say this often, but I was pretty impressed by the media this time. They often over report and they did some this time, too -- but nothing that did harm, I think. It was very respectful. And yes, social media showed true colors for the best.

Ginny said...

Boston AMAZED us!

rebecca said...

"Our differences have fallen away. We have helped each other, no questions asked, no criteria needed. We were people in need. It was the only door, flung wide open, to our humanity."

i know i am making a huge leap here...but i want to throw it open so wide, it includes caring for every ones highest and best good.
no differences, no borders, no holding back.

The only answer to outrageous pain is outrageous love.
Marc Gafni

Lulu said...

praying for all...its just sick whats going on around us and the world..

see you there! said...

Such a sad occasion but I agree with you, people pulled together and pulled through. Lots of credit to everyone involved.


Marcia Pilar said...

Evil knows the power of unity all too well. We should too.
Great post.
Thank you for your visit.

Cheryl said...

I'm glad you mentioned it. I thought it was just me who noticed the cameramen and photographers staying away, showing respect.