Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bits and Pieces of My World

My Favorite Starbucks Wall

B/W plus one

The fragile bud on the left of the picture opened over a period of three days once it started opening.  Two delicate petals start to yawn shyly.  The next day the bud is wide awake and stretching.  The third day she is in full bloom, embracing the world.

And finally, my favorite little guy, the Medford Rooster, a Swedish rooster I found at The Rooster Inn just off I-5 in Medford, OR.


Ginny said...

You captured a great progression of the orchid. The wall art in Panera Bread, delis and coffee houses is really good, most people don't even look, but I take pictures of it, too!!!

see you there! said...

Ha! I recently stayed overnight in Medford and woe is me, I didn't get a handsome chicken, LOL!


Janet said...

Wonderful photos, Annie...I especially like the Starbucks wall and your rooster.

Jeanie said...

Oh, Annie, I really am liking your day! And that Starbuck's photo!