Saturday, May 18, 2013


You looked so different today.
I hardly recognized you.
Do I know you?  You've changed.

More changed than I could have imagined.
Yes, you had lost 65 lbs and were working on more but,
it was the spiritual and emotional change that  completed the picture.

You told me your story.
I felt blessed that you shared so openly.
Thank you for the chance to reassure you.

That woman at church is so wrong.
You are welcomed and loved.
Next time, tell her to talk to a priest, not you.

Leave the back room.
Come sit in the main sanctuary again.
You are loved and wanted.

Poem dedicated to a woman I've known casually for a long time
 and chanced to meet again today.


Infinity circle wrapped me up
and led me back 
to Casa de Flores.

East Ave. detour after deciding 
not to decide.  Parking spaces missing so
turned right in the street and arrived back
at Casa de Flores.

Flowers?  Where are the flowers?
Old stuff outside.  Recycled. Upcycled.
Waiting for love.

How does this birdcage open?  No matter.
I'll figure it out.  And another.
Another you say?

I have three now.
That's a collection.
Putting on the brakes.

Leaving Casa de Flores, I drove down East Ave. again and spotted three parking places at Sacred Heart Thrift Shop so I turned left across traffic again.  I walked in keeping my fingers that I would find another Mary waiting for me. And - there she was.

I think she fits in beautifully with my other thrift shop Mary's,

And all this happened BEFORE I finally accomplished the reason for going out in the first place.   That done, I went home and avoided the heat as it rose up into my personal red zone.


Ginny said...

You hit the jackpot! And is your new birdcage this round unusual and beautiful. The church lady, sounds like she was hurt, so good she has been talking to YOU! I hope she can continue to attend church.

Amy Burzese said...

She does fit in nicely with your collection. Congratulations!

gma said...

The divine conspired on your behalf and led you to your Mary's.
Don't know how that works but I have seen the synchronicity happen.

Jeanie said...

Beautiful, Annie -- and so are your finds!