Monday, June 03, 2013

People Watching - Be sure to click the pics to make them bigger

I went to the annual Apricot festival in Patterson on Sunday.  Somewhere along the line (way along the line since I was there all day), it occurred to me that I was missing some interesting possibilities.  A lot of the people walking by our booth were providing some pretty fascinating visuals.  Some were, to be kind, monumental oopsadazy moments.

Like the ordinary trio walking away.  one/third of this group had my jaw dropping.  It was in the high 90s and all I could think of (beyond the shock of the outfit) as how itchy and scratchy the lacy leg things must be feeling.  I'm mean really, didn't this girl look in the mirror before she went out.

I loved the two toned pink/blond punk look of this young girl.  I was so busy focusing on her that I completely missed the tender moment being shared by the young couple to her right.  Then Miss Pinky turned around.  Isn't she pretty?  Serious, but pretty.  She struck me as a true original.

The first thing I notice about this girl was her pink and blue hair.  Then I noticed her swinging little tail.  No pun intended.  She really had a little rainbow tail swishing along behind her.  Her Hello Kitty shirt completed the picture.  My timing was totally OFF.  The camera turned off.  She kept walking.  The setting went wrong.  She kept walking.  Finally, my fingers worked it out.  Almost missed her but I got that cute tail.  Only the young can get away with this.


Gerald (SK14) said...

marvellous candid street shots

Annie said...

Thanks Gerald. Nice to meet you.

Ann said...

Annie, thanks for stopping by my
Blue Monday post. I'm a people watcher and sometimes just "get" their outfits. If it's not obscene its OK--just I wouldn't do it. What kind of booth did you have?

Jeanie said...

Call me old fashioned. And heaven knows I don't go out looking like a fashion plate, nor do I have a body that others will ogle. But good grief! The hair doesn't bug me. And even the short shorts. But consider all the elements! Nice shooting!

Dawn Elliott said...

I so adore people watching, too. I don't always like what they're sporting, yet I have to give them credit for originality and guts! I keep trying to get candid shots of gals for my Fashionista blog, but it's really difficult! Fun post!

Janet said...

I love people watching! You just never know what you'll see.