Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Train Derailment - Day Two

What a different a day makes.  Yesterday I photographed THIS.  Today I found a huge change.  Fully 95% of equipment and crew were gone.  Tracks were clearing.  Boxcars were righted and stacked.  Wheels were graveyarded at the station stop or on the easement next to the tracks.  Rails and ties were lifted and stacked at the roadside.  It is pretty amazing what these men are capable of doing in a short period of time.  

Here are a selection of pictures of what I found today.

And a big thank you to the security guys.  I pretty much went where I wanted . . . again . . . using common sense as I found my shot.  My car and I DID get caught on the wrong side of the yellow tape at one point and the nice security guy who told me to scoot yesterday, very nicely removed the barrier and laughed me through.  The atmosphere was definitely a lot lighter today.


Ginny said...

Again, you got fantastic shots!!! Love the poor blur car...

Jenny Woolf said...

Thank goodness for the people who are there to deal with difficult situations. I sometimes think we don't appreciate them enough.