Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bicycling, paper arts, and bridge building

After a week of not going to the gym, I went this morning.  I was late for the cardio class I've been taking so I sat down on one of the stationary bikes in the cardio room.  It was the first time I had been in there and what a discovery; I liked it better than the cardio class.  It was quiet, the only noise was  the low background hum of treadmills treading, elipticals eliticing, and cycles cycling.  I was able to say a rosary as I spun the pedals and in 25 minutes I was out of there.  Now THIS I could do every day.

I've been making cards and notebooks this week.  Dana, the owner of the Emporium has agreed to let me display my cards and other paper products there.  I'm bringing the completed items over there tomorrow.  If I remember, I'll take a picture of my display.

Later this morning, I'm driving with Marie to Modesto Junior College.  She was recently invited to speak in a class (not sure if it's political science) and hopefully have an open discussion about the tea party and in particular, our local group which is strictly non- partisan and does not endorse candidates.  Our group invites any and all candidates, elected representatives, and a wide variety of speakers of any political persuasion to come before us. 

We have slowly and steadily become known as the group that likes to build bridges between people that might not necessarily agree on most issues. And I'm here to tell you - It's. Not. Easy.  

So, more about this later.  Oh, and WHY am I going?  I'm Marie's bodyguard.  She's 4'10" and weighs about 90 lbs on a bad day.  


sandy said...

Hope you post some of your cards. I know somebody who makes cards and they are so creative and unique.

Jeanie said...

I like the idea of you being a body guard! And I am dying to see your photos of your cards and paper stuff! Three cheers for you!

Joyful said...

The machine room at your gym sounds lovely and quiet. When I used to do this, the machines were in a large space and the place was buzzing so it wasn't very contemplative. But I did enjoy it. I just don't enjoy the oodles of money they want for a membership to let me have the privilege of using a machine. I'm glad you are enjoying the cardio machines ;-)

Ginny said...

Building bridges is always a good thing. My doctor told me to get some exercise and I just may try the pedaling.

Annie said...

The best thing about the bike, Ginny, is that my hiney FITS on it nice and comfy.

judie said...

Yes, bridge building between those of different ideas would be a hard job. Good luck! Will look forward to seeing your cards.

Pam said...

Have fun Annie although it all does sound hard work. For many years now I've joined others of varying political persuasions to give out how to vote cards on election day.
We actually have fun though our views differ widely, because it's usually a long day - none of us get into any long political discussions (no time!) other than how do you think your candidate will go - or positive interactions.
The horrible reactions "ie. as if I'd vote for YOUR party" come from the passing voters themselves not the cheery volunteers.