Saturday, October 05, 2013

Backroading. Again.

It started out simply enough.  Marie picks me up.  We drive through Starbucks for coffee.  Hit the road for Modesto  and finalize the contract for the Common Core event we are hosting next week.  Walking in from the parking lot to the convention center, I am reminded that beauty is found in the smallest things.

After taking care of business, it was playtime and the beautiful weather had yard sales and rummage sales springing up all over.  One of the more interesting ones visually (but least successful shopping wise) welcomed us with a raised gate.

The front yard pasture had a few cows and steers that did not want to be photographed.

On the way back to the car, I accidentally pushed the video button and ended up filming my walk back the road . . .


  . . . where I spotted this big dairy operation across the road.

After we left, we went looking for the roadside shrine I spotted earlier in the week but didn't have time to stop for.  At the center of the cross is a picture of a middle age couple.  There is only one set of dates and the years range from 1993 to 2012.  A pink ribbon encircles the top of the cross.  Perhaps the picture is of parents or grandparents mourning their lost little daughter.

And finally, a while ago, I found anti-government signs Here and was amused at how adamant they were in their protest.  So, when we ran across THIS sign on our way home, I was struck by its simplicity.  Farmers and ranchers are simple and plain speaking folks.  The sign said it all.  'Nuff said.


Ash said...

I love the first photo - gorgeous!

Jeanie said...

Sounds like a wonderful day -- isn't it fun to just play around with a friend? Always the best!

Amy Burzese said...

Those are the best trips. And, yes, the best things are the simple ones.

Ginny said...

The little roadside shrines are always so sad to come upon. And of course you have to look and read. We have many here at the sight of accidents. Goodness, that is one tall gate! And is that a teeny tiny yellow flower...shaped like a fan!

Annie said...

The gate goes across a wide driveway and is in the up and open position. The yellow leaf is a ginko leaf. Lots of ginkos around here and they change to a beautiful bright yellow in the Fall.

Hazel Ceej said...

It's nice when a few words carry big meaning.