Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday morning, later

I made my first bread pudding today. This is my husband's favorite dessert and I only made him wait 28 years (less one month) to make it for him. LOL Vicci, I have you to thank for the inspiration. In fact, I have this blog to thank you for too. We are so alike, I'm going to lift your list (more or less) since you've done all the legwork. As seems to be usual, one thing or another on Blogspot isn't working. Today it is pictures. I'm four days old on blogging and I already have it figured out that Blogspot seems to come with a lot of ticks. I have a picture to put here but it will just have to go in later. Now I'm off to the kitchen to clean up. Not only are cooking and baking not my thing, but I also make the biggest messes while the process proceeds - hah - how's that for aliteration?

P.S. Well, my blog is living up to its name. My camera is MIA so I tried using my DH's digital camera. The battery is dead. Now I can't take a picture of my first bread pudding and the mess I left in my wake. I sure am bumping heads with technology today.


The weekends are too short. Just about the time I start to feel that I've given myself one complete day to no one else but myself and I'm ready to start all the "have to's", "need to's", and "would like to's", it's Monday again. The cycle starts again. I wish I didn't have to go to work tomorrow. We are in a slow period. It's very hard to fill 8 hours but this job can change just like that so hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I will go.

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vicci said...

You are welcome Annie...Glad your hubby likes the bread pudding. I am working in the studio today on a swap...