Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The First Box is Out the Door

Here are the first of the woolies
going to Frida.

I spread everything out and then Don came in behind me and rolled everything for packing. He's a great packer. Legendary in fact. The man can load a C-130 transport and, in fact, has.

We have about half of what you see here in the first box. I'm bringing another box home from work tomorrow. The second box will go out on Thursday.

It's amazing how much you can get into one smallish box when you pack it right. Being somewhat cautious, I covered up our receiver's address however I can tell you that our receiving angel is a civilian worker with a Lithuanian army unit.


miss*R said...

Hello miss annieElf - YOU deserve a medal for doing this. You are an angel xoxo

stephanie said...

Oh Annie,
These pictures are great, thanks again for all you are doing!

Star said...

Bless you, Annie, for your generosity of spirit in helping these children. May angel's wings bear them to their rightful recipients.

Anonymous said...

hey, you can see people's addresses and that isnt cool, you need to not display them AT ALL!!! it is a privacy issue......
jw/attorney at law

Ally Bean said...

Oh my goodness gracious, the man is a packing genius. And such pretty things to pack.

This is a good project that you have going on there. *yeah you*

AnnieElf said...

This writer is absolutely right and I was careless. I went in this morning and cropped the pictures. In fact, I was probably doing so when she/he was writing this comment. My apologies to anyone I have upset.

Paris Parfait said...

Angels all around... xo

Naturegirl said...

You are truly an angel!hugs

vicci said...

Wonderful Annie....What a load huh??!!!! The children will be so full of thanks...I'm sure! What a lovely thing to do! You ROCK GIRLFRIEND!

Regina Clare Jane said...

Thanks so much, Annie- again. You are awesome!

lila said...

H-mmm,I have a knitted hat to add to someone's box!
Truly, I'm sure I could find a needy recipient here since I missed out on the shipment.
It is very cold outside and more snow is coming!
The box is amazing and I'm sure the recipient will be thankful!

Susie said...

You've done a tremendous job coordinating this! A million thanks to you!

LisaOceandreamer said...

This is so exciting, to see all of it and know where it will be going! You did a wonderful thing Annie, you did! and may I say way to go hubby for that fabulous packing.

Tammy said...

You did a wonderful job Annie and so did hubby in getting all that in there ;)

Lee-ann said...

What a wonderful sight seeing all these lovely knitted pieces going to such an important need.

I wish I could send you as much as I can find but you know it is summer here and I have look around and found none except second hand and I am sure you do not wish to ahve any of those at this stage do you.

You know there are many angels on this earth and you dear friend are one I just know it.

Blessings to you.