Sunday, January 28, 2007

I've actually completed a few things

It occurred to me today that I made a list a while back of things to accomplish on a variety of fronts. Considering the amount of time some of this takes to complete, the details, the waiting, the savoring (in the case of the books), I've actually managed to complete a few things.

The most important two things on my list now is finishing the kitchen painting and reinventing my studio. When these get crossed through, it will be a very, very BIG DEAL day for me.

Mom work
Take money from F&M - Completed 1-7-07
$5K to WF, $25K to CD - Completed 1-7-07

Work work
HEADS - Completed 1-22-07
ESO2 - Completed for now 1-23-07
To Do items from 1-10-07 meeting - Completed
Room use/teacher schedule conflicts now resolved - 1-26-07

Take Time for
Read "There are No Accidents" - Completed
Read Rosebud - in progress
Read "Reading Lolita in Terhan" - In progress
Read "The Bookseller of Kabul" - Completed
Read "The Reluctant Tuscan" - Completed
Start a new blog on spiritual life - Completed 1-19-07

Places to go. Things to see.
The list is short but it speaks for itself. The list will grow but . . .
Go to San Juan Bautista. Francine is almost home. This may actually happen.
Go to Placerville to meet up with Vicci, Biene, Maryellen, and Lisa - Done Jan. 20th
See Lindsey Buckingham next Friday - didn't happen


Beth said...

At least you have several things on your lists completed. Too bad about Lindsey Buckingham,,I would have loved to seen him too. Hope you have a great week ahead!

VintagePretty said...

It sounds like you've been really busy and productive ~ I have good bouts and bad bouts when it comes to doing things I've *got* to do. I tend to procrastinate, which is never good!

Have a good week :)

Paris Parfait said...

Sounds like you're making real progress!

Sioux said...

I make lists, too, otherwise I probably won't get anything done. One the other hand, my problem is trying to not worry about it if it doesn't get done!!

Happy, blessed week to you.

miss*R said...

I think when I was over in CA the first time, we visited San Juan Bautista - I am fairly certain.

eb said...

Valentine surprises chez moi - xox - eb.

oh this is such FUN!!!!!!!!!

- I'll be back...

Lee-ann said...

Annie, I think this list of yours looks almost complete well done to you.

Now do you have a new list to go on with.

Your bird life picture is so nice ((more please)) lol lol :o)

Have a lovely. Lee-ann

Susie said...

Hi Annie,
Just stopping in to say hi. From the looks of that list, you've got lots going on! (I know that feeling all too well)
Enjoy your week!