Saturday, January 27, 2007

Good Things Treasure Chest - Jan. 21-27

January 21st
It was a peaceful day

January 22nd
Back to work after three days off. Busy, winter retreat, home looks good. It was a peaceful evening.

January 23rd
I rediscovered Leonard Cohen today thanks to Daisy Lupin.The woolies for the children are pouring in.

January 24th
Today Judie at Little Art Room inspired me with her post to rename this weekly report. This isn't just a report, it is a place where I can place treasured memories, some great but most just small little bits of daily life that are too easily forgotten.

January 25th
I met with Fr. Silva today and began the next step in my spiritual journey.

January 26th
Today I have an address for Frida. Woolies go out on Monday.

January 27th
Spent the afternoon with Don shopping for new appliances. WhewHoo. Fridge, washer/dryer/dishwasher/oven. Amazing.

We also prepared the woolies for packing. Don typed up an inventory for the box. It looks like Tuesday will be the actual shipping date. Monday he goes to the post office to talk with my contact there, Larry, and determine the ideal box size considering the destination.


miss*R said...

oneday I wish to find my very own Fr. Silva. this list is just like a gratitude list! well done xoxo

Susie said...

Beautiful list of treasures. All new appliances? How wonderful!
Glad you had a great week!

paris parfait said...

Renaming your post the good things treasure chest is a lovely idea, Annie - much for which to be thankful.

Janet said...

I like the idea of listing your treasures from the week. Sounds as if you had a very good week!

PS - I made the Paypal contribution last week for the school supplies. Do you need me to send you any kind of confirmation?

Frida World said...

Dear Annie,
Yay, yay, yay! I'm so glad you had those days of peace, it is such a blessing. I am also very excited about the woolies and (as you'll see form my post today) continually impressed by your ability to make this a reality.

Janet - I need to check my paypal account when I get back to Herat (limited access here) but I will try to do it up here and email you a confirmation.

Thanks so much,