Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Childhood lessons

The gospel readings for the past several weeks have been focused on God's love and our response to evil with good. This week's readings from Samuel, Psalms, 1st Corinthians and Luke speak to us of revenge and the evil that comes from it.

Tit for tat
If you do this, I'll do that
Attack for attack
A lesson we learn from childhood.

The smallest things in life are effected by these early learned actions and while we learn lessons of kindness and mercy at the same time, we are bringing these action lessons into our adult lives as well. It is up to us to determine as adults which inclination will have the most strength.

I was talking with a friend last night who was feeling sad because she had inadvertently offended someone (something I have done myself just recently). Yes, we make errors in judgment but the saddest part of such events is when the offended person does not want to talk and find resolution. That is when I realize that I have met someone I would call a HUNTER - a person who consciously or not, watches for a person they can use, harm, make feel unsure of themselves. They can cause great harm with their acts of revenge, retaliation, even just the threat of it. They are an avenging Abishai to a merciful David (Book of Samuel).

It is a sadness for me that there is so little obvious acts of love, kindness, mercy, forgiveness and healing. And yet, I know it is out there hungering to be seen, heard and felt. Someone had an idea decades ago of producing a good news newspaper. Then they laughingly said no one would buy it. I wonder if that was ever true? I wonder if it is true now?

We are so assaulted by hate news that we forget that the world is full of good, that there is another way.

To love as God is
To love beyond the
Revenge and

Beyond the boundaries we find
Healing and

Love the one who hates you.
Love with the love of God.
Love across the boundaries.
It will be the hardest thing we ever do
But the rewards are the richest.

Living reflectively pushes our growth in love.

As we reflect, we must be patient with ourselves,
Become one with God through our love of God.
Going beyond the boundaries.

So dear friend out there - love yourself, feel sure of yourself. Love beyond the boundaries. Love who do not love you. And be patient with yourself. We make mistakes. We are human. And we move on.


diana said...


tongue in cheek said...

Oh Annie Amen!
To love is human to forgive divine.
And to know Annie is to be wrapped in angel's wings!

Gypsy Purple said...

Love with the love of God....such grace, cause in myself I battle with that sometimes

Beth said...

What a wonderful post Annie!! You are such a sweet soul! And very wise! Take care dear friend!

paris parfait said...

A beautiful, thoughtful post, Annie. Wise words, particularly "Love across the boundaries." xo

Jone said...

Rich thoughts and so needed. I agree completely.

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turquoise cro said...

AMEN! sweet sister! LOL Really a beauty full post Annie!

Becca said...

Lovely thoughts, Annie, and perfectly reflective of what we as Christians should strive for - "loving across the boundaries" says it all. Loving until there are no boundaries is the goal.

Beautifully said!