Saturday, February 03, 2007

Light and Shadows

Lisa and I have been staying in touch as we go through the pain of the loss of family members. As I wrote to her today I realized that so much of it is all light and shadows right now. I just passed through my own most recent shadow as you may have read a few days ago and I know I can expect more but they will come farther apart with time, I'm sure. And with each shadow comes a bit more light. I received some today and will write about it more over the next couple of days. I'll probably cross-post it in my other two blogs but I will note the link at this, my main site. Thank you for all of the blessings so many of you have sent not only to me but to so many others in need.


paris parfait said...

Hope the light always encompasses the shadows...xo

tongue in cheek said...

May your shadow sing to you of soft tender memories, while it seeks the light of healing time.

Star said...

Be kind to yourself, Annie. This is a process that cannot be confined to a single day or week.