Friday, March 30, 2007

A Day for Myself

Once in a while the work schedule allows us a three day weekend. Today's free day comes to me compliments of Cesar Chavez, a state holiday that honors his leadership of farm workers in California. Since I work for a state institution, I find myself embracing the rare opportunity to have a weekend that actually FEELS like a weekend. I can take one day to be totally alone if I like and do whatever I want. Kris and Don are at work and I have until 5:30-ish to create, make progress, and accomplish some of the things that I find myself too tired to squeeze in at the end of a workday.

A little late but at last the promise feature of Connie's beautiful sachet she made for One World, One Heart Give Away. Connie made three of these and I was lucky enough to win one of them. The fragrance is a heavenly blend of apples and cinnamon. I pick it up and rub my hands on it a moment and am left with the loveliest perfume. It smells totally delicious.

I've mentioned
earlier that I have been bidding on eBay to start adding to my beloved Frozen Charlotte collection. I won my first Charlotte about ten days ago and in the last couple of day the little one and the big one have appeared on my doorstep. The blond Betty Boop Charlotte is 6" tall and arrived in this pretty pink dress. I've never seen a Frozen Charlotte this size and just fell in love with her. That she has strawberry blond hair makes her even easier to love. She reminds me of my Krista as does my little one with her sweet little 1920s style cloche hat.

A couple of months ago I received a little treasure in the mail from one of our "down under" friends. I promised her that I would return the treat and here it is.
Robyn, this little box I've re-invented is for you. I will let you reveal the treasure held within.

During Spring term, the Art Department offers a class that allows the students to imagine and create nature vignettes. All across the campus one comes upon unexpected surprises. Last week I found this reinvention of river rocks between the Music and Theatre Arts building. I thought it was one of the vignettes that I watch for every spring but I learned almost immediately that the rocks had been stacked by one of the music students. I never did find out who did the stacking but I love the results. Unfortunately, the gray on gray is hard to see. I hope the contrast is sufficient for you all to enjoy this bit of imagination at work.

My morning is creeping towards noon now. I have seven hours left to play just for me. I have a book to mail, a treasure to mail, a kitchen cabinet to paint and a closet to purge. And yes, these last two ARE play. When I'm in the mood to paint and purge, the experience always ends up a great success. I may even get out and sweep the backyard and shape the roses. Bye for now.


Star said...

I love the rock "sculptures." Makes me long for a little time on the coast.

Enjoy your well-deserved day off!

paris parfait said...

Good for you - all day all to yourself! Those rock sculptures are great! And the "Frozen Charlottes" are adorable. (Why are they called Frozen Charlottes? Really I'd never heard of them before you mentioned your first one). Enjoy your day and your weekend! xo

vicci said...

I'm so glad you had a day to yourself Annie.....sounds like a "fun-one" too! :-)

Gypsy Purple said...

I so cherish days like this....and you my friend...deserve this one!!!!

lila said...

I'm glad to see you are having some time for fun and for creating.
the Frozen Charlottes are darling!

(I may tackle some kitchen cupboards later this month...)

turquoise cro said...

AwwWWWW! Those frozen Charlottes are adorable!!! and the pretty sachet! mmmMMMM Apples and Cinnamon! and I like those rocks too! That box looks so Sweet! Let me open it! *wink* xoCinda

Anonymous said...

So happy you like your sachet. It is always nice to give things away to someone who really appreciates the work you put into something.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Take care,

Kara said...

Ah....a day to play. Glad you had it and I must say I always enjoy seeing your photos from around campus.

Daisy Lupin said...

I know all about Frozen Charlottes now, I also asked my mum and she knew all about them and apparently had some herself, I have never come across them so she must have lost them years ago. They are fascinating.

Tori said...

My husband and I have 3 little stacks of stones around our place. It makes me happy to balance them and rearrange the order. Great photos!

Carmen said...

I like the title of this post, and congratulations you have been nominated for the thinking blog award, Yay!