Thursday, May 24, 2007


Heart heavy weighed down
Thirty years pass, thirty seconds end
Hole in my heart, is there room for another hole?
Is there enough heart left to have space for another hole?
Change comes stealthly
Sneaks up darkly
Flows around inevitably
A question of differences and a bridge too weak
to bear the weight and the wait.
Inner thoughts. Unexpected avenues.
Is there enough space left? Yes.
Welcome dark hole. Fill with something new.


Bimbimbie said...

Don't "they" say black holes also create stars ..... so let the light shine through *!*

Wanda said...

Your poem really pulls at emotions!
By the way tomorrow will be fun!

Susie said...

Your poem sounds sad and I'm sure there's a story behind it.
Wishing you bright and happy days!

[a} said...

This reminds me of an Ahadith about how prayer washes rust away from the heart, and how the heart rusts daily, weakening, something like that! With your line "inner thoughts. unexpected venures," do you mean that there are tunnels, connecting different thoughts, within?

AnnieElf said...

[a} - the unexpected avenues are the places that my thoughts have lead me since my mother's death. These avenues have connected me to other people and other ways of interacting with them that have resulted in change. The changes have been good for me but it has been a sad journey with unexpected consequences.

Thank you for asking about this. I've Googled Ahadith to familiarize myself with the concept.

Star said...

Let the healing begin... :-)

Jone said...

Wow, I can relate. The passing of a parent or parents can cause you to be quite reflective. Very touching poem.

[a} said...

[a} oh i see! i relate to it in a totally different way. so interesting how much everyone has in common, yet how different the specific experience was. this is what poetry teaches you! :)


This poem will make me think a lot about my specific experiences. I am going to reread it a few times. Good job.

It is amazing how one can grow through reading a poem & figuring out what it means to them.