Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Random Moi

I got tagged last week for seven random things about me. And of course I've let time go by and I can't find how it was who tagged me. If you read this and it was YOU, raise your hand and wave. Sorry this took so long. So without further time passing - Fait au hasard me

1. I love using Babel translator to translate English to French
2. I'm a Scorpio
3. Periwinkle blue is my favorite color
4. I love reading Jane Austen, Jane Eyre is my favorite novel, the mystery writings of J.D. Robb and James Patterson are not to be missed
5. Paying it forward is one of my life rules
6. My fantasy self plays the cello
7. I wish I had the courage to get a tattoo - just a small one

And there you have it, Seven Random things about me. Do you want to share randomness about yourself? Jump right in. The water's great.

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Star said...

I think this is the best "7 things" list I've read yet--so interesting!

I, too, am a Scorpio ;-) Love Jane Austen (books and BBC movies/mini-series). Can't beat paying it forward (I remember watching that movie the first time and how it impacted me.)

The big surprises here come from the cello and the tattoo--really?!

AnnieElf said...

Yes. LOL. Really. Truly. My daughter will cheerly escort me to the tattooist (is that a word???) if I ever pluck up the courage. The cello thought dates from the time when Krista studied cello for a couple of years in elementary school. I fell in love with the instrument. I always picture myself in raggedy blue jeans and a silken shirt with long flowing hair playing in the forest. Like I said, a fantasy self.

Susie said...

I know you probably don't read "Pea" (in my sidebar) but just this week she did a picture of the tatoo she got as her "turning 50" gift to herself. She took pictures for her blog of the experience back when she actually got the tattoo!!
Great 7s meme!

AnnieElf said...

Susie, going to look at Pea right now.

vicci said...

Okay Annie my friend...lets get a tattoo together...I already have one...but I want another...:-)

Carmen said...

I will get a tattoo one day when I get the courage to do it. We are two now, LOL

turquoise cro said...

If I'm ever in Calleyfornia, I'll go with YOU and get a tat too!!! Scorpio sister!!!

AnnieElf said...

Wow, I really pushed a button with the tattoo comment. Lots of ladies out there groovin' on the idea.

Mary Timme said...

I love that you are a fantasy cello player. That just really tickled my fancy.

Sorry, I abhor the ideas of tattos. I just can't get over the whole needles in the skin thing. Ugh! Not for me.

Julie Marie said...


C'est moi who tagged you. Yes, I studied French but don't understand your French phrase.

I want to get a tattoo also. If you get one I will get one. I already ordered the design from Celtic Lady. It is a stylized Scottish thistle. I saw a woman at the Urban Market last summer who had a tattoo with lovely pastel colors and she told me which guy in town does these. I used to hate tattoos because of those heavy black lines and vivid reds, etc. But I would like to get a subtle tat. AT AGE ALMOST 58. Should I ask for it for my birthday?

AnnieElf said...

I'm closing in on 60. (shudder) I think this would be an excellent birthday gift. And like you say, something soft, subtle, and feminine.

Marcia said...

1) I'm a Cancer. Love that water sign.

2) I make a heck of a vegan eggless egg salad. YUMMMMMMM

3) Fav plant: fuchsia (I have one in my living room).

4) Fav artist: Joan Miro

5) Fav color: greens

6) I'm an organized person.

7) My next door neighbor has a clay pot hanging in her carport with a hole in the bottom. Someone planted a geranium through that hole. I look outside my window and see an upside down geranium. Very odd. (rofl)

The Sis

AnnieElf said...

Upsidedown geranium! What a hoot. I wonder if it is US that is upsidedown. Maybe the G has it right (or at least the person who planted it so). rofl backatcha. Sis

lila said...

I think julie Marie's idea is really good...a small delicate tatoo...but not for me! I have enough natural decoration with spider veins...abstract art?
I enjoyed your 7 random things!

paris parfait said...

Interesting stuff, Annie. But the thing about the Babelfish translator is it's often inaccurate when it comes to French. :) xo

Kahshe Cottager said...

Hey AnnieElf ... I got my two tattoos on the same day! One (a flower) on my foot to remind me to stop and enjoy each day every time I see it. The other is a butterfly on my shoulder - my wings of freedom! Oh ... and I was over 50 when I did it! Go for it if it has a meaning for you!


I would get a tatoo....but I am scared of the pain. My tatoo would be a blue butterfly, of course. :-)