Saturday, March 30, 2013

On to the Future and Back to the Present

I just noticed something.  The seventh anniversary of my blogging life passed on March 16th, just 2 weeks ago.  I remember when I first started blogging, the anniversary was watched for, announced, a special post was prepared.  Comments would abound - Happy Blogiversaries poured in.  Not this year though.  It just sneaked right by.  I think I let it totally slip last year.

So what to do this year?  Perhaps a walk down memory lane would be a good idea.  I sure have been through some changes since 2006.  Yes, that's it. 

2006  Annie's Point of View  Don's Point of View

It didn't take me long to decide what to share from 2006 would be when I noticed that I ended the year with the same story written from two different points of view.


This year I reflected on a lot of the good-byes in my life

I sent nine BIG boxes to a contact in Afghanistan all filled with winter clothes for the children of Ghor.  Here's some of the story.


This is the year I switched my blog from here to In My Dreams.

Blogging just wasn't working for me at SFASMT anymore mainly because my thoughts were very focused on the future and approaching changes - RETIREMENT - and for the next couple and a half years, that is indeed where I posted.  And I posted more posts there in a shorter period of time than I have of all total posts here.

I followed my passion for crocheting for quite a while during this period.  Lessons about Faith and Perseverance were driven home.


I had always wanted a sideboard and hutch.  Decades and decades I wanted one.  This is the year that desire and dream came true.

My passion for photography and writing haikus continued joined at the hip.

And roadtripping took centerstage.

Quanah and Erin came to visit and I got to introduce them to a friend.

2010  The silliest and most inconsequential of things caught my eye.

This is the year I had furloughs on Friday once a month.  All part of California cost savings.  Didn't help a bit but was what it was.  And I got a chance to do this on Friday instead of work.

I had more chances to witness goodness in the world around me.

And then I retired in June 2010.  I stayed at In My Dreams for a while longer but eventually I realized that I wasn't dreaming about the future anymore.  I was back to living in the present.  And so, I returned to SFASMT and I've been happy here ever since.


Ginny said...

Happy Blogversarry!!! I remember when I first started following you, you had just retired and were looking forward to a big change!

BrittArnhild said...

Happy anniversary.
I have passed my 8th :-)

trailbee said...

Happy, happy Anniversary, Anne. I remember when you first began this journey, and I was so impressed! Then you helped me start mine. Do you remember Jeremy Peak? Do you remember your altered books? Do you remember The Way?
It's always interesting to go back in time and see what we wrote. Not a letter or word is ever wasted.
Thank you!

Annie said...

Yes, Yes, and Yes. Wish I knew what happened to Jeremy and his family. They sort of fell off the map.

Jeanie said...

Happy Blogaversary! I remember that I felt the same way. One year. Two. Three. But five was last December and it just blew by!

What joy you have shared with us for all these years. Thanks, Annie!