Saturday, January 06, 2007

Good Things Report - Jan. 7th through 13th

January 6th
As I reflect on 2006 and think of what I would like to see happen in 2007, it occurred to me that I needed to keep in mind that there is always at least one good thing that happens for me everyday. I have been so weighed down by family responsibilities and work obligations that I lose track of the good things that are given to me. I don't want to overlook them and forget them this year. I don't want the good moments to be lost in the web of daily life. Often the bad things that happen are so upsetting that they live in our minds to plague us long after the fact. I would like to change that cycle and keep a list of the good things, the unexpected things, the unusual out of the norm things that I might do or experience. So with this introduction, tomorrow will be the beginning of my Good Things Report. Every single day will mention at least one good thing so that I can focus on the good rather than the bad, the sad, the frustrating.

January 7th
Mass this morning was really satisfying. We have not had a regular, assigned priest since early this past summer and will not have one until June.
Fr. Mike was here for six months at the 9 a.m. Mass and now Fr. Robert Silva will be here through June. Both of these men would make excellent pastors and between the two of them, the priest who will finally be appointed here in June will have some big shoes to fill. Both Fr. Mike and Fr. Robert are excellent speakers, intelligent and articulate. They are warm and friendly and humorous. Sunday morning was not a disappointment at all.

January 8th
It's cold and crisp today. The smell of burning fireplaces fills the air. I love my Winter.

January 9th
I received an email today from one of my Amazon customers. The CD wasn't the one he was actually looking for but because the cover was the same, I had no way of distinguishing. As it was, he really liked the CD and we wrote back and forth a couple of times. I rarely get such excellent and thoughtful feedback. Instead of getting mad at me, he thanked me. Made me feel really good and he lucked out and received an unexpected CD that he is really enjoying.

Also, The unexpected gift of a manger from an anonymous friend. Click here for the story.

January 10th
Today was one of those screwy days. Not good, not bad, just . . . well . . . it just was. Some days are like that. However by the end of the day I had really gotten into the meat of Groeschel's There are no accidents. I'm loving this book. I borrowed it from a friend but I MUST buy a copy for myself to add to my library.

January 11th
I just learned that I will be meeting a blogging friend the end of February. I'm so excited. I'm keeping the name a secret until it happens.

Today has been a terrific day. I woke up feeling good. Have felt upbeat all day. Smiling like a goon. LOL. Don't you love it when days just inexplicably are wonderful days?

January 12th
I've been reading Benedict Groeschel's, There are No Accidents and the first part of the book is his interview with John Bishop in 2002. There are many things in the interview that are cautionary, illuminating and downright humorous. Most humorous to the point that it had me laughing out loud was when B mentioned a particular conversation with Mother Teresa (they were friends for 32 years). She was needling him about something and B noted that being needled by Mother Teresa was like being harpooned by Ahab.

January 13th
Today I go to visit my mom and dad together for the first time since her interment last month. I don't feel at all sad. I actually feel joyful because I know they are now together again.

I am grateful and happy for the initial outpouring of support for my wool goods collecting efforts for Frida in Afghanistan.


trailbee said...

This is a good idea, Anne.It's like a Happy Day Diary.

Star said...

This is a wonderful way to keep a positive attitude. Thanks for sharing it here rather than in a private journal. It inspires me to do the same.

Susie said...

I'm so behind on reading posts. I can't seem to get caught up, but this was a lovely upbeat gratitude journal.
When my friend when to the Nat'l Cemetary on Tues, she said it was the most beautiful day in her memory. No wind and lots of sun. Today was probably cold, but I hope your visit gave you much comfort and peace.